Antibacterial laminate

Antibacterial laminate


Safe handling

Due to the protracted Covid-19 crisis, there has been a concerted effort to reduce ‘touch points’ and minimise the transmission of germs through contact with day-to-day objects.

Printed material such as menus and price lists, which are likely to change hands, are a prime example of products which need to be ‘safe’ going forwards, as these are a necessary medium and will be with us long into the future. It is important that restaurant/café owners are confident in the safety of these items and can in turn give confidence to customers and gradually bring their businesses back to life.

Antibacterial laminate


Finding the right product

After lengthy discussions with suppliers and appropriate testing, adverset have now developed an antibacterial laminate, which eliminates 99% of bacteria on the surface of a piece of print. This is a lamination film which is applied in the same way as a standard laminate and covers the surface of the product.


Look and feel

The antibacterial lamination product looks and feels similar to a standard matt/silk laminate, but contains antibacterial properties. Protect and improve the look of your printed product, whilst making it safer as a touch point at the same time.



We were surprised to learn that the cost of the laminate is very similar to a standard matt laminate and is not cost restrictive.



For a complete list of specifications, please download the datasheets below:

Anti-Bacterial Matt Opp Film

Anti-Bacterial Gloss Film

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