Web Design

Whether you are looking for a small informative website to simply profile your business, or wish to look at going all the way through to a high volume online shop with online payments and everything in between, adverset digital can create your dream business website. We have a very efficient production system for creating websites detailed below:


Intro & Brief collection 

We can either meet face to face or over a Skype meeting to gather an initial brief for the project. At this point we will need to know your business goals, and your target market(s). We will also talk about the general design direction you would like to move in. We love mood boards and pinterest, and the more information you can give us the better at this point!


Target audience research

We will conduct some research of our own initially, taking into consideration the information you have given us. We will look at your competitors and ensure that we’re giving you a solid edge over their website offering, in order to give your business or brand the best chance of coming out on top.


Site structure design – logical sitemap

The next step in achieving great web design is the foundations of the build. This is where we create the underlying structure of your website – we create wireframes and a logically planned sitemap ensuring your customers and visitors will be able to navigate the site as efficiently as possible.


Layout design and visual

Once the structure of the site has been optimised and approved, we move onto the visual stages of the build by creating Photoshop visuals of the overall look of the website for your approval.


prototyping & feedback

Once the visuals are signed off, we create a full working prototype of the site for you to check over and make sure that all aspects of the site are how you envisaged – at this point you can comment on the site from within our project management tool and we can work together to achieve sign off.


Build & staging

Once the prototype has been signed off, we will then code the website up and get it up and running – this will initially be on a staging server, to allow any content you need to include prior to launch (products / blog posts etc) to be added at this point.


Testing & live

Once you’re happy with all aspects of the site and it is signed off, we will conduct some final preparations such as testing, bug fixing, security checking & migrating the site to your chosen domain. We will also discuss how we propose to support the future development on the site.

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