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E-commerce Design

Never before have our lives been so busy. Time is a scarce commodity for most people, and more and more people are using the internet to make purchases. We can help you harness this for your business model, gaining you valuable extra customers – thus increasing your reputation and your sales figures. Adverset digital create wonderful and customisable e-commerce websites using the latest technologies designed for both mobile and desktop visitors and have the SEO experience to give you an edge against your competitors. Below are some key benefits to working with adverset digital on your next e-commerce project.

Online Shops built & Hosted

Whether you’re a sole trader or a large outfit with multiple warehouses, we can build an e-commerce site to suit your needs. We can create shops that sell digital and physical goods, through to shops requiring extra product functionality such as quantity based price breaks, or customisable products such as photo-printed t-shirts!

We operate on a fast UK based hosting provider, with various scalable server options, should your site require a little extra oomph!

Secure checkout & payment

As an online shop designer, one of our main focuses is security. When dealing with personal data and financial transactions, your site needs to be as secure as they come. All adverset digital sites are built on secure hosting and all data requests are transferred over 256byte RSA SSL certificates. All of our sites feature sophisticated protection & scanning from all common attack vectors as standard. For enhanced security needs WAF (web application firewalls) can be implemented as an optional extra.

Automated off site backups

For added peace of mind, all of our sites include off site automated backups, meaning that if a necessary update were to ‘break’ the site, or should the security be compromised in any way, you will always have a secure and recent backup of the full website and database to roll back to whilst the issue is rectified.

Backed up web design North East UK
Version controlled web design North East UK

Version controlled workflow

In this digital age, it is sometimes necessary to collaborate on projects from across the globe. We build all new sites with version control from GIT, so that if you need other developers to collaborate with us on the project on new features, this can be done from a central repository and tested in different environments so that deployment of the finished article will happen without issue.

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