Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of those aspects of day-to-day strategy, the importance of which can often be overlooked – it really shouldn’t! Imagine this – you’ve put in the hard work getting people to buy your product. You gave them excellent customer service, and now you’ve got a nice list of email addresses of happy customers. Now is the time to keep up that great customer service – make them feel special, give them an offer they can’t refuse! you’re business is already trusted – marketing to people who already know and value you takes half the effort it does to develop a new customer… so what are you waiting for?

Mailchimp campaign design

Mailchimp is one of the market leading email distribution platforms for all sizes of business. Not only can we set this up for you and integrate it into your website, but we can also help with designing engaging email campaigns geared towards brand loyalty or conversions. We have a team of skilled and experienced graphic / web designers, ready to turn your idea into a successful campaign.

Mailchimp email template design UK
animation design for more engaging email campaigns

Animation design for more engaging email campaigns

You may have noticed that emails are becoming more beautiful. There has been a lot of movement in email design over the recent years, and email client support is getting better and better for styling methods like CSS and image animations. We’re very experienced in creating motion graphics for use in email campaigns, from a subtle sparkle on some intro text, through to a roaring fire (pictured) or moving text.

It’s been proven that adding in animations to your email shots improves click through rates when used in the correct manner.

Creative copywriting & design

Stuck for ideas about what to write for your email shot? Hand over what you have, and our skilled copywriters will spruce up your email copy and content, optimising it to get your point across, in an efficient and visually appealing way.

creative copywriting solutions for both web & print

Email getting you down?

Email marketing is hard! so why not leave it to the experts? Get in touch and relieve yourself from the stress of having to create compelling email content!

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