Counting Down to Christmas – Scarborough’s Winter Festival

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Counting Down to Christmas Scarborough Festival 2019

Branding & marketing materials


Launched for the 2019 Festive Season, this six-week festival was designed to be Yorkshire’s largest Christmas variety show, transforming the coastal towns’ centre into a magical place and bringing local businesses together to help make Christmas shopping a stress-free, enjoyable experience.

Our role

With a large variety of events and offers planned, a range of marketing materials was required to help promote the festival. We were approached by our long-term customer – Scarborough Borough Council, to design and produce these.

We began by creating six different design concepts for the brand. This needed to be easily identifiable with the Festival’s theme, while at the same time adaptable enough to accommodate variations of dates and locations, should the Festival become a yearly attraction and expand to nearby towns and villages. The chosen design fulfils these criteria, is an easily recognisable symbol and illustrates best the idea behind the Festival – the excitement of shopping for presents for loved ones and the joy of gift giving.

Using the same clean, bold style, we designed a 36-page booklet for the Festival’s Programme and a 2-page A5 leaflet, to help shoppers find the best deals, get around the town and make the most of the events on offer.

These were all printed in our in-house printing facility, with 10,000 copies being produced of the Programme and 13,000 for the leaflet to be distributed in shops and across the town centre.

As indoor and outdoor advertising solutions with great impact, we designed and produced 20 copies of A3 posters and 100 copies of A4 posters, 2 of our best-selling ECO pull-up banners and two different sized bus signs.

You can read more about our signage & display products, which come in various sizes and we can offer bespoke design services for all of these.

The Festival’s 1st year was a great success, with the number of visitors exceeding expectations and many already planning to return for the next season.