Brickwork vinyl hits the spot!

Graphic Design, Signage & Display

Sandburn Hall delighted with new wallcoverings

For some time, our friends in the marketing team at Sandburn Hall have been intrigued by our brickwork vinyl product. Having looked at our other installations, they finally took the plunge with a 5 metre internal breeze block wall!

The task
The blank white breeze block wall leading from the bar area into the staff offices, has for a long time been under consideration for some type of graphical treatment. Using some spectacular area shots of the hotel, grounds and adjoining golf course, we retouched and produced to fit perfectly as an all over wallcovering.

How brickwork vinyl works
Our brickwork vinyl is a unique product in that it takes on the characteristic of your wall material. The material is heated into the wall during the installation process and moulds itself to the indentations and patterns in the existing wall. It therefore takes on the appearance of a graffiti style image and works superbly with either an ‘all-over’ photographic image or individual graphics.

Sister office wallcovering
To complement the hallway piece, we produced and installed a textured wallcovering in one of the adjoining offices. Extensively used in hotels, leisure spaces and board rooms/offices to lift the mood.

Frosted vinyl for that finishing touch…
As part of our brief, we also produced and fitted a series of frosted etched vinyls on a selection of glass entry doors. Frosted window decals always create an upmarket feel.

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