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Following the apparent success of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, we can now look forward to the future with more confidence, both from a business and personal perspective. Having operated during the second and third lockdown periods with a reduced level of staffing, we now begin a slow, gradual return to the norm, as we monitor future staffing levels in order to meet rising demand, whilst  ensuring that we maintain our high standard of service.

The overriding positive during the past year has been the attitude of our customers, who have been unbelievable in their response and support. For that we will always be grateful. We cannot wait to help with your goals and requirements, as you bring your business back to life.

We continue to work hard with our excellent material and logistics suppliers to maintain a good level of access to all materials, as there are still some inevitable shortages.

Although we are making huge strides regarding the Covid crisis, staff and customer safety remains paramount and our factory premises continue to be monitored regarding Covid-19 safety, allowing us to continue to operate in a safe, controlled environment. Whilst meetings at adverset are still ‘by appointment only’, we don’t feel it will be too long before we can freely open our doors to all visitors, legally without risk.

Should you require to meet with us, please e-mail our sales team and we will either make an appointment, or set up a ‘Zoom’ meeting or  a conference call.

For day-to-day business, please continue to send your queries/enquiries using [email protected] which is the most effective way of ensuring that we deal with your requirements without delay.

Please keep an eye on our website for regular updates regarding further progress.

…and continue to stay safe in the meantime.

N.B. Please visit our revamped e-commerce signage and display website which has just been launched. We have worked very hard on the customer experience and product range, which has been comprehensively expanded.

Warmest regards
John Easby
Managing Director


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