Dalek Invasion – they are everywhere!




The long-awaited expansion of our signage & display department is well under way and we are finally in production! This takes us into new signage product territory, with the automation of cut-to-shape products, such as our friend the ‘Dalek’. We can now print directly onto any substrate, offering a substantial price saving against our previous method of mounting printed roll-fed media. This is particularly relevant for printed shop signage, hoarding panels and events displays.

Additionally, with the theatre, hospitality and events sectors now picking up momentum, the future for business in general is looking promising. It’s encouraging to see many exhibition & events products coming back to life, such as pop-up stands, display panels and general promotional print for events. This has been a welcome development and we have also been delighted to service the roll-out of promotional material and revitalised signage for many theatres and restaurants recently.

Whilst the supply chain continues to pose occasional issues, we continue to work hard with our excellent material and logistics suppliers to maintain a good level of access to all materials.

Our doors are now open to all, but with the introduction of the new Covid variant, making an appointment will always help us to prepare for your visit, so please e-mail our sales team and we will either make an appointment, or set up a ‘Zoom’ meeting or  a conference call, should you prefer – as we continue to recognise that time is precious for us all.

For day-to-day business, please continue to send your queries/enquiries using [email protected] which is the most effective way of ensuring that we deal with your requirements without delay.

N.B. Please visit our revamped e-commerce signage and display website adversetdisplay.co.uk which was recently launched. We have worked very hard on the customer experience and product range, which continues to be comprehensively expanded.

Warmest regards
John Easby
Managing Director


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